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Click on the logo above to order from  See below for more information. 


You can order direct from Purina for ProPlan and Purina Veterinary Diets to be delivered to your home.  Click on the Logo above to register.  If you are already registered, click on the Logo above then click on the same logo at the top right of the page that opens to log in. 

Click the Rx button above to request a prescription refill to be picked up at our office.  If you want to order medication not normally stocked in our office or want it delivered to your home, click on the MyVetStore logo to the left. 

MyVetStoreOnline is our own online store providing quality medications, food, and supplies delivered directly to your home.   Get the convenience of ordering online anytime, with fast home delivery and great prices, with the confidence you are buying manufacturer-guaranteed products from a source you know and trust.  MyVetStoreOnline is smart phone and tablet friendly as well, making shopping from your mobile devices easier and faster than ever.


If ordering prescription medications you will need to register on the site.  If ordering over-the-counter medications/supplies registration is not required.


All prescription medications must be approved by Dr. Thibodeaux.  Requests are sent automatically to our office.   If you are requesting a drug not previously prescribed for your pet, we will likely request additional information or an office visit to examine your pet.  


                                                   Easydoseit! provides shipping of single doses of most heartworm preventatives and flea control                                                           products, so you don't have to buy a whole pack at one time.   You can schedule automatic shipping                                                     of monthly heartworm preventative and flea control products with free shipping!  Click on the                                                                 Easydoseit! image on the left for more information and a video.


Orders over $49 ship free.  Orders under $49 shipping is calculated per shipment.   Easydoseit! orders and pet food orders ship free.


Manufacturer guarantees on many medications (especially heartworm preventatives and flea control products) are different when the product is purchased through your veterinarian versus other online sources.


Our online store inventory includes many items we do not carry in our office, offering numerous other flea control products and heartworm preventatives.  We also have toys, food bowls, supplements and other supplies online.


You can order most Royal Canin (OTC and prescription diets), Purina ProPlan and Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets (Purina prescription diets), and Hill's Prescription Diets and have them delivered to your home--shipping is included in the price!


Order online from us today and keep your dollars in our community!


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